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So, how much of a down payment will you need to buy a Concord home or a Bay Area home?  It seems like a simple question but let’s see the answers that we get in this video.  Did you know that the answer could be as low as 0% down with not mortgage insurance?  Concord and other Bay Area cities offer down payment assistance for buyers who qualify.  You may also qualify for assistance from the State of California.  Reach out to me with questions on your down payment. Let’s see if we can make home ownership in Concord or any other Bay Area city a reality for you.  #concordrealtor

I have lived in Concord since 2001 and I’ve been in the Concord area since 1992.  That is part of the experience that I bring as a Concord Realtor.  I’ve worked with the Monument Crisis for the past several years.  They are one of the centerpieces of community organizations in the City of Concord.  They help people in central and eastern Contra Costa County.  As a resident of Concord and a Concord Realtor, I’m proud to have this great organization with such a noble mission in the city where I live.  Please take a minute to learn more able the Monument Crisis Center.  Call me, your Concord Realtor, with any Real Estate questions or any questions about the City of Concord.  I am here to help you buy or sell a house in Concord.


The City of Concord offers a vibrant and diverse night life.  As a resident of Concord and a Concord Realtor, I love taking advantage of all Concord offers.  The City is loaded with free downtown parking, great restaurants and limitless activities.  With all of this, Concord offers affordable and desirable housing for anyone wanting to buy a home in a great community.  This video features another great Concord spot.  Reach out to me, your Concord Realtor, if you want to learn more about Concord or have questions about Concord Real Estate.


Opportunity knocks in Concord, California!  Concord is fasting approaching historically high real estate values and a house can be the most powerful instrument for saving.  The equity built in a Concord home can be used to up-sizes, downsizes or to pursue a lifelong dream.  Reach out to me, your Concord Realtor, with any questions about Concord Real Estate. 


I am a Concord resident, Concord Realtor and a veteran.  I spent 7 years on active duty with the US Air Force. I have now bought two Concord homes using the VA loan program.  The City of Concord offers a great opportunity for veterans looking to buy.  The VA loan program give veterans an opportunity to buy houses with $0 down and no mortgage insurance.  Home prices in Concord and the condition of the houses in Concord give veterans many opportunities to buy using their VA benefits.  Let’s talk about using your benefit to buy a Concord home.  I am here to answer all your Concord real estate questions. 


This is another fun Concord location.  I am a Concord resident and a Concord Realtor, and I have been taking advantage of everything that Concord has to offer since 1992.  Please reach out to me, your Concord Realtor, if you want to learn more about our great city.  I am here to answer any of your Concord real estate questions and help you buy or sell a Concord home. 

Are there still Concord, CA houses that offer value and are ripe for the picking?  Share this video with anyone looking to buy a home.  Call me to talk about how you can get the best value for your money in the Concord and Central Contra Costa real estate market.  Concord’s diverse real estate market has something for every buyer.  There have been 611 homes sold in Concord in 2017 and the prices of those Concord homes range from $183,000 to $1,115,000.  So far, the average home price in Concord is $541,053.  Concord is a great place to find a fixer, and a renovation loan can make it possible for you.  You must be clear on your capabilities before taking on a house that needs work, but finding a home that needs some work maybe a bargain and rewarding.  Call me, your Concord Realtor to talk about the Concord real estate market and your capabilities.  I am here to help you buy or seller a home in Concord, California.  #concordrealtor