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Joe B. Buyer

Ron is the best!
He is calm and thoughtful, very knowledgable with a lot of integrity. He listened well and he used that information to find houses that really matched my interests and needs. He helped me stay patient during the ups and downs of house buying. He helped me put in offers that accurately reflected what I was willing to pay on 5 houses. Each time he provided me with excellent market data in a graph to compare my gut feeling with how comparable houses were currently selling. He coached me through the negotiations so that when the price got too high for me, I was able to walk away knowing I did the right thing. He gave me great advice about how to structure the offers and get all the key information from the documents and inspections. In the end I got a great house at a fair price in the area I wanted to live. He has a great team of folks that he uses for inspections, loans, documents and such. On top of all that he is a great guy! Use Ron you will happy you did.

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