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Are Condominiums A Better Choice For First-time Buyers in Concord?

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For first-time homebuyers in the San Francisco East Bay area, navigating the housing market can feel like an uphill battle. However, condominiums present a promising avenue for those seeking affordability, equity-building opportunities, and minimal maintenance responsibilities. Although concerns about HOA fees often linger, the benefits of condo living far outweigh these perceived drawbacks. In this article, we'll explore why condominiums offer an enticing option for prospective buyers.  The data that we highlight comes from Concord, CA but this information applies to any East Bay City.  

Affordability of Condominiums

Comparing the prices of detached homes to condominiums in Concord reveals a significant affordability advantage for condo buyers. Over the past few years, the median price of condos has remained substantially lower than that of detached homes, making them an accessible entry point into homeownership.

Median Price of Homes & Condos










Last 5 Years



When factoring in the additional cost of HOA fees and slightly higher interest rates for condos, monthly payments remain significantly lower for condo owners compared to those of detached homes.

Monthly Principal & Interest Payments



**Condos plus $500 for HOA







Building Equity with Condos

Contrary to popular belief, condos offer substantial equity-building potential. Data from Concord over the last decade indicates that condos have outpaced detached homes in equity growth.

Equity Growth




Last 5 Years



Last 10 Years



Moreover, condos often boast higher availability compared to detached homes, providing buyers with more options at lower price points.

Availability for Each Person Buying

Detached Homes




Maintenance Made Easy

One of the standout advantages of condo living is the limited maintenance responsibilities for owners. HOAs typically handle the upkeep of common areas and, in some cases, exterior maintenance tasks, alleviating the burden on individual owners. This not only reduces maintenance costs but also frees up time for residents to enjoy their homes without the hassle of constant upkeep.

While condominiums may not suit every buyer's preferences, they offer a compelling alternative to detached homes. By dispelling common myths and highlighting the advantages of condo living, we hope to empower buyers with more informed choices in the housing market.

*This data is from year-to-date 2024 when this article was written.

**We added .25 to the interest rate used to calculate the payment on a condominium

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