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The Power of Staging: A Wise Investment in Home Selling


In the intricate dance of selling a home, the question of staging versus not staging often arises. Despite the potential cost ranging from $3000 to $4000, the resounding answer based on data analysis is a clear 'YES.' Staging not only transforms the visual appeal of a home but also yields a significant return on investment.

Partial Staging:

  • Partial staging involves a stager's expertise who focuses on accessorizing the home to complement existing furniture. While this method may lack a standardized theme throughout the home, it presents a cost advantage. However, owners may find themselves uncertain about the overall impact.

Full Staging:

  • With full staging, the cost can be a deterrent, but the benefits are substantial. This approach allows for creating a cohesive theme across the entire home, incorporating modern furniture and appealing color schemes. The investment pays off, as evidenced by the data.

Examining homes in Concord, California, from May 2021 to May 2022:

Total Sample Homes:

Total Sample Homes: 1615 sq ft

Average Value: $868,895 

Average Days on the Market: 13 days

Staged Homes Average Square Footage: 1634 sq ft

Value: $937,746

Average Days on the Market: 11 days

Not Staged Homes

Average Square Footage: 1598 sq ft

Value: $808,196

Average Days on the Market: 15 days

While staged homes are only 36 sq ft larger on average, they yield a 16% higher return on investment. Staging costs around $3000-$4000, providing a significant return on investment. But Staged Homes Sold for $129,550 or 16% more

Considering factors like living space, bedroom count, bathroom count, lot size, and age of the home, the influence of staging on final sales prices is undeniable. Moreover, staging a vacant home not only makes it easier to show but also provides the valuable insights of a professional designer, contributing to higher sales prices.

In conclusion, investing in staging proves to be a wise choice, enhancing both the visual appeal and financial returns in the competitive real estate market.

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