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What does Concord Mean?

The Meriam-Webster site defines concord as “a state of agreement.” Also, the capital city of New Hampshire is named Concord. For me, Concord, California is home, and it is famous for its music venues (home of the Concord Pavilion) and being the birthplace of actor Tom Hanks. As a Realtor working and living in Concord, I get many people mistakenly searching my website for houses in Concord, North Carolina, and there is always a bit of shock once they see the differences in home prices between Concord, CA and Concord, NC. But I love living and working here, and I believe that it is worth the price we pay.

About Concord, California

Concord has been my home since 2001, and I’ve lived in the East Bay since 1992. So, I’m able to share my knowledge about Concord, CA with prospective homebuyers and use that information to help sell the homes that I list.

1. The population of Concord, CA is 130,559 as of November 2020, and we continue to grow. As a Realtor, I see nothing but an upside to buying a home in Concord. More and more people are moving to Concord, and that makes the city an attractive real estate and business investment.

2. Concord schools are part the Mt Diablo School District. I typically start at the Great Schools website when researching schools. It is also home to De La Salle High School, Clayton Valley Charter High School and other well-known private and charters schools.

3. Concord, CA was voted one of the best places to retire. Concord is a major Bay Area City with full access to all service that a retiree, family or individual will need.

4. Go to the Livability website or the cities site for more about Concord, CA.

May Favorite Thing About Concord

My favorite thing about Concord is location, location, location. The city offers easy access to the entire Bay Area and Northern California. My family and I have regularly taken day trips to Lake Tahoe for skiing, Yosemite to visit the mountains or Big Sur for the beaches. Below are some of my favorite things to do in Concord, CA:

1. Attending concerts at the Concord Pavilion

2. Shopping at the farmers’ market

3. I love taking advantage of the great Concord weather and getting outside in the parks or getting on the trails.

4. I love volunteering to help at Special Olympics Northern California and the Monument Crisis Center. Go the my “Giving Back” page to learn how you can help with these two organizations.

So, we now know the definition of the word “Concord” and we know that Concord is the Capital City of New Hampshire.We also know that Concord, CA is beautiful and great place to live.Let talk more about Concord and other East Bay cities that maybe calling your name.

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